The Solution Zipper Track Self-Tensioning Sun Screen

The Solution Zipper Track Tension Screen from Superior Sun Solutions is the ultimate in motorized, retractable sun screens (also known as sun shades or solar screens)

Watch this short video to see exactly why the Solution Zipper Track Tension Screen is the easy choice vs. competitive products.

Superior Zipper Track Solar Screen Tension System

Our Solution Zipper Track Tension system retractable sun screens offer superior shade screen tension that will never bunch or flap in the wind.

Ideal For Both Indoor & Outdoor Living Shade Applications

Extremely versatile, the Solution screen offers a convenient solar screen solution for patios & decks as well as windows & doors.

Unbeatable Thermal, UV & Radiation Protection

Block up to 90% or more of the sun's harmful rays without sacrificing any of your beautiful views.

Sun Shades Can Keep You Up 35 Degrees Cooler

Research shows exterior sun screens can reduce temperatures in your home or patio by as much as 35 degrees or more when properly installed.

Fully Motorized - Raise & Lower With The Push Of A Button

Motorized retractable sun shades can be controlled from a remote, wall switch or home automation system.

Industry Leading Sun Shade Warranty For Years Of Enjoyment

Our retractable sunscreens come with a lifetime warranty on motors & electronics and a 10 year fabric warranty against fading, rot and mildew.