6 Heat-Resistant Plants for Your Backyard

heat resistant flowers

As the most private and peaceful part of your property, the backyard might be where you invest most of your gardening dollars. So don’t let the sun dehydrate your time and money. Even in Arizona’s heat, you can keep your backyard beautiful using plants that tolerate droughts and long periods of bright light. Here’s a list to take the gardening shop:

1. Periwinkle (Vinca)

Found in parts of Africa, periwinkle grows low and is often used as ground cover. Related to the phlox family, it blooms throughout summer and reseeds on its own. Besides being pretty, it’s also useful: its alkaline extract is used in chemotherapy for cancer patients. You can find many varieties and colors. Use it to contrast ornamental grass or as a border in a flower bed.

2. Gerber Daisies

Gerber daisies are hardy flowers that won’t wilt when the temperatures soar during Phoenix summers. Available in a spectrum of shades and sizes, they bloom continuously in warm weather and cultivate cheer. Plant them directly in the Arizona soil or in well-drained containers.

3. Russian Sage

Tall and lithe with luscious lavender blooms and frosty green leaves, Russian sage beautifies a backyard and needs little attention. This low-maintenance perennial comes in many varieties and can fill gaps in a rock garden or stand proudly near a mailbox post or birdhouse. Native to South Asia, Russian sage begins blooming in the spring and smells just like the culinary sage in your spice rack.

4. Sunflowers

True to their name, sunflowers soak up the UV rays from even the hottest sunlight. Sunflowers are available in many colors, usually shades of yellow, and in sizes from dwarf to giant. sunflowers will reign high over a backyard garden from late spring to early autumn. Plant it directly in the ground and protect the emerging plants with a plastic cloche to keep birds away.

5. Blue Festuca

Design a more interesting garden with a few Blue Festuca. These bluish-green spiky orbs need little water and create contrast against tall grasses and blooming groundcovers. Available in many varieties and shades of green, they grow a wheat-like spike in the center when mature. Plant them in rock gardens, borders, and along paths. You might even try adding a few solar lights for an otherworldly effect.

6. Edelweiss

The subject of the famous song from The Sound of Music, Edelweiss is a mountain flower sometimes used in bridal bouquets. Its star-shaped white blooms have been used throughout history as an herbal remedy for abdominal and respiratory conditions. Hardy and tough, you can plant it in rocky areas throughout Arizona. Try it around a stepping stone path or brick wall.

Now that you’ve beautified your backyard with heat-resistant plants, you’ll be able to enjoy the greenery and brightly colored flowers even during hot summers. Of course, humans aren’t usually as resistant to UV rays as flowers. If you’re hoping to really reap the benefits of your gardening efforts, get a retractable awning from Superior Sun Solutions to allow sun on your plants, but keep yourself and your friends shaded.


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