The Best Retractable Awnings of 2022 – The Top Picks

best retractable awnings

Retractable awnings can take any home to incredible new heights. They enhance your residence’s visual appeal while providing shade to your porch or patio. The retractable awning experts at Superior Sun Solutions put together a list of the best retractable awnings to help your home reach its full potential.

Superior Sun Solutions have been installing and maintaining retractable awnings for over 25 years. Our team can equip your home with the best sun shades Northern Arizona offers at a price that fits your budget. Whether you need to install a patio retractable awning or want to learn about the best-motorized windows, the Superior Sun Solutions team is here for you.

Continue reading to learn the best retractable awnings for your Arizona home.

The Best Retractable Awnings

Best Choice Products 98x80 Retractable Awning

Best Choice Products’ 98×80 retractable awning sports a robust polyester canopy and a durable rust-resistant frame. It also utilizes water-resistant fabric, allowing the canopy to withstand heavy rain with relative ease.

The Best Choice Products 98×80 retractable awning utilizes an easy-to-use manual hand crank that allows you to adjust its position to your liking. It provides ample shade and will withstand the tests of time for many years to come.

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AECOJOY 8.2x6.5 Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade

The AECOJOY 8.2×6.5 Patio Awning Retractable Sun Shade is perfect for homeowners with midsized patios or balconies. Its polyurethane-coated polyester canopy protects you from harsh UV rays while preventing unsightly fading. The canopy is also water-resistant and can withstand winds up to 24 miles per hour.

Although the AECOJOY 8.2×6.5 can withstand mother nature’s wrath better than other retractable awnings, it’s best to retract it in turbulent weather. This will extend the patio sun shade awning’s longevity and ensure it remains in pristine condition.

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Outsunny 8x7 Patio Retractable Awning

Outsunny’s 8×7 patio retractable awning is perfect for small decks, patios, and balconies. It’s hardy water-resistant, UV protective canopy shades your outdoor sitting area immaculately while reducing heat. The awning also works well for shielding glass sliding doors and bay windows, making it more adaptable than other leading designs.

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MCombo 12x10 Manual Retractable Awning

MCombo’s lightweight 12×10 manual retractable awning has a durable corrosion-resistant frame with powder-coated aluminum. Its polyester canopy resists harsh sun rays, water, and fading, allowing it to maintain its visual allure years after installation. The awning can also handle light rain and winds up to 18 miles an hour.

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AWNTECH Destin-LX Manual Retractable Awning

AWNTECH’s Destin-LX manual retractable awning is one of the best retractable awnings on the market today. The awning’s canopy consists of solution-dried 100% acrylic fabric that resists mildew, dirt, and fading. It can withstand winds up to 35 miles an hour and sports a powder-coated steel and aluminum frame.

The AWNTECH Destin-LX comes in various colors and sizes, making it more customizable than rival brands. It also features a hood that safeguards the canopy from dust and debris even if it’s not in use.

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TANG Sunshades Depot Retractable Slide

The TANG Sunshades Depot Retractable Slide is one of the more unique awnings available. Instead of using a metal frame, the canopy connects to thin wire cables that stretch across your patio or porch. It blocks up to 90% of sun rays and provides tremendous shade to your outdoor lounge.

The Tang Sunshades Depot Retractable Slide is incredibly stylish and can take any patio to the next level.

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