Can Light Affect Sleep Quality?

can light affect sleep quality

While exposure to natural light can be essential for establishing and maintaining the body’s circadian rhythm, having a dark enough environment to promote quality, restful sleep can be just as important. The ability to more easily adjust and regulate both natural and artificial light levels within a room may be an even more important concern for those who work nights or keep irregular hours. Sun screens or retractable awnings can be an ideal solution for those whose sleep schedules may be suffering due to excessive lighting.

The Value of a Good Night’s Sleep

Good sleep habits are essential for maintaining mental and physical health. Insufficient sleep or sleep that is of poor quality can be very detrimental to memory and cognitive ability, and emotional equilibrium and may have a negative impact on the body’s immune system and ability to heal itself. Light plays a key role in developing sleep habits as sunlight exposure helps to establish the body’s internal clock. Trying to sleep in an environment that is too brightly lit can send conflicting signals to the brain and body which may begin to erode sleep quality.

Artificial Lights

While circadian rhythms respond most readily to natural light, artificial lights can also be an issue. Lights that are too bright, those that mimic the spectrum of natural lighting, and lighting that comes from above may be especially problematic. Exterior streetlights, flashing neon signs, or the intermittent flash of headlights and street traffic may also be an issue. Curtains and drapes may not always be effective at blocking unwanted lights and reducing illumination levels to the point where they no longer interfere with sleep. Awnings, shades, and screens can often play a central role in keeping artificial lights from intruding into the home.

Longer Days During Arizona Summers

The earlier sunrises and lingering evenings of summers in Arizona can also make it difficult to get enough sleep, especially for those who live further north. Sunlight serves as a natural alarm clock, one that tells the body that it’s time to be awake and active. Even an extra hour of daylight can be enough to cause problems, especially for light sleepers or those whose schedules have them trying to sleep throughout the day. Sunscreens and awnings can be just as effective at blocking the sun as they are for dealing with artificial lights.

Adjusting Light Levels

Lacking the right equipment can make adjusting and managing lighting within the bedroom an all but impossible undertaking. Retractable awnings can provide a more versatile way to regulate light levels. Sunscreens and shades can ensure that curtains and drapes are able to better block unwanted lighting. The right installation can allow even night workers and light sleepers who are easily disturbed to enjoy a deeper, more relaxing, and more restful sleep.

Comfortable Shade Options in Arizona

If your inability to manage the light levels and illumination within the bedroom, or any other rooms in your home, is interfering with your sleep, then Superior Sun Solutions can help. Contact us today to learn more about how awnings, shades, and screens can allow you to enjoy superior sleep quality. Get a Free Estimate!


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