Creative Outdoor Holiday Decoration Tips

outdoor holiday decorations

Outdoor lights and other holiday decorations emphasize the season and make a welcoming statement to carolers, guests, dog walkers, and other passersby. Are you looking for a way to improve upon your normal decorating routine? With some creative thinking and assessment of your resources, you can toss the giant candy canes and still make your house the best-looking on the block. Here are some creative ideas for a new season of winter wonder:

Add Some Light

What could make a home look more inviting than the twinkle and glow of winter lights? With precaution, you can hang lights on awnings, columns, windows, and trees. You can line the edge of your backyard awnings as well. Attaching them to fabric should be done with plastic clips, which you can probably find at your local hardware store.

Or, make the process easy by skipping the strings in favor of lighted nets that don’t require individual placement of each bulb. Usually square-shaped, these nets come in all sizes and colors and can be connected together.

If you have a backyard birdbath, line it with a lighted wreath and place a mirrored ball or glowing globe in the center for winter glamour. Be sure to map out a consistent and classy color scheme before starting — consider the shade of your house and contrast it with elegance.

Artificial Snow & Icicles

Even if the real stuff never arrives, you can make a landscape of white with artificial snow and icicles. Faux snow looks best when enhancing other items of decor. Try hanging lighted baskets from tree branches and drape the “snow” over them.

Illuminate porch steps with plastic hurricane lanterns lined with snowy polyester fluff and place a battery-operated candle in each one. Use aerosol snow to frost wreaths, window panes, and lawn ornaments.

For a rustic look, spend a few hours making giant lighted icicles to hang from gutters, eaves, and awnings.

Greenery, Ribbons, & Snowflakes

Pay tribute to winter’s natural beauty with evergreens, pinecones, and berry branches. Spruce up the front door with a single wreath or set of three. Arrange greenery in baskets to hang from porch fencing, using garlands of green to connect them.

Attach berries and pine branch clusters to a pair of vintage ice skates for a fun feature on your mailbox or front steps. Line your flower boxes with evergreens secured with colorful ornaments.

Don’t limit yourself to pine and spruce. Explore eucalyptus, magnolia, boxwood, and mountain laurel. Ribbons are another inexpensive way to embellish. Instead of the standard red, try bows of burlap, brocade, glittery mesh, and other interesting fabrics.

Holidays are happier when they take place in a safe, well-decorated house. Be sure to monitor power outlets and secure wires away from moisture. Happy holidays from Superior Sun Solutions! As you decorate, you may find spots on your home you wish to add features to. Contact us to get started on a new retractable awning, privacy screen, or security shutter system for your home.


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