Discover Solar Screens Helpful Facts: Here’s What You Need To Know

Discover Solar Screens Helpful Facts

Homeowners can save money, be more energy efficient, and experience protection from the sun’s rays when they install solar screens. Despite the options available, many people have enjoyed the benefits of solar screens above others. There is critical information to learn about solar screens before deciding whether or not to include them in your home.

Learn more about these helpful tools in our comprehensive guide.

What Are Solar Screens?

Solar screens attach to the outside of your windows to protect you from the sun. They reflect some of the heat out and away from your home. Sunlight still comes in through them, and they also work well against weather conditions and insects.

They often consist of materials like mesh, polyester, fiberglass, PVC, or vinyl. Solar screens are most effective in areas of the home where the sun comes in contact directly for a large portion of the day. They also work well in east- or west-facing windows.

Superior Sun Solutions can customize your solar screens to precisely fit the size of your windows. There are numerous types and styles, and we can walk you through all your available options at various price points. The importance of sun control and how much you’re looking for are critical factors.

6 Benefits of Solar Screens

There are many advantages to installing solar screens on your home, often trumping other window products. Overall, the benefits of these window additions seem to outweigh the disadvantages, but you must consider both before making a decision.

1. Protect Your Home From Harmful UV Rays

Solar screens protect you and your family from the heat and glare of the sun’s rays, along with harsh sun damage. Solar screens not only help you and your family, but they also benefit everything inside your residence. For example, UV rays can discolor the furniture and decor in your home—a detail many people are unaware of until it is too late.

Long-term sun exposure can lead to sunburns and severe skin conditions. Solar screens work to minimize or eliminate those issues. However, it is always a good idea to wear sunscreen and to protect your skin whenever possible.

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2. Affordable and Efficient

Many consider solar screens to be an affordable, effective, and worthwhile investment. It is best to simultaneously install solar screens for all the windows in your home. The service costs will be lower, and it simply makes more sense to put them on your house all at once.

Other screen options do not match up to what solar screens can offer. They are usually more expensive and come with fewer benefits. Prices can vary based on the company you use to install them, the number of windows in your home and their sizes, and the brand of solar screens.

3. Combat Against Insects

The thickness of solar screens creates a barrier against bugs of all sizes. Depending on the material you use, they should be effective in keeping most pests out. Without the protection they offer, insects may find a way to burrow through or create small holes to work their way into your home.

4. Multiple Installation Options

You can opt to install your new solar screens as either retractable or stationary pieces on your windows. Purchasing solar screens in Phoenix, is the perfect choice because of how hot the climate can get throughout the year. Ask Superior Sun Solutions about our installation options!

5. Better Air Quality

Many popular solar screen brands are known for improving indoor air quality and having low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). There is a potential for less harmful chemicals to enter your home. As a result, you may notice better, healthier, and cleaner air.

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6. Save On Energy Bills

You can save money on energy costs because of solar screens’ ability to reduce your need for HVAC use. Many homeowners have solar screens in Phoenix to rely less on heating and cooling during the respective seasons. Solar screens can cool your home in the summer and keep it warm in the winter.

Potential Downsides to Solar Screens

You should also note some common negative considerations, despite the many benefits of solar screens that seem to weigh in their favor. These include the following:

  • Some people do not like the look of solar screens.
  • Solar screens can be complicated to clean, and homeowners often hire professional cleaners for effective maintenance. The screens can lose color due to prolonged exposure to the elements. This may be a dealbreaker for some, but it is not necessarily a problem for everyone.
  • Solar screens create a subtle change in lighting, and the rooms in your home may appear slightly darker, but not significantly.
  • Solar screens do not offer privacy and may not provide the lack of visibility you want.

There are alternatives to solar screens you may enjoy:

  • Awnings reduce heat gain and sit just above your windows.
  • Solar blinds or shades utilize solar technology to provide protection against the sun’s rays that traditional blinds cannot match.
  • Solar film is cheaper, nonpermanent, and less effective for sun protection
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Where To Install Solar Screens in Your Home

There are optimal areas in your home to install solar screens in Phoenix:

  • Sunrooms/screened-in patios – Enjoy spending time outside with the added barrier of solar screens keeping pests and UV rays at bay.
  • Enclosed pool areas – This is a great option for protecting swimmers from harsh sunlight while offering safety and protection from pests.
  • Under roofed areas – This setup provides the most blockage from the sun.

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