Exploring Window Treatments for Different Rooms

Window treatments for different rooms

When shopping around for window treatments, it’s important to remember variety. The way you outfit your windows shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach, as different rooms fulfill different purposes. So, what’s the best way to look for window treatments for different rooms? What design choices will help your home stand out in terms of aesthetics and function? Let’s take a look at what to keep in mind for certain rooms.


You’ll face two major issues when looking for bathroom window treatments. The first, obviously, is privacy. If your bathroom faces a neighbor’s property or the front side of the house, you’ll want to make sure that windows are properly occluded. The second concern has to do with ventilation and resistance to humidity. Your bathroom faces more exposure to humidity than any other room in the house, so you’ll need window treatments that can withstand this. Honeycomb shades (also called cellular shades) let in soft light while maintaining privacy, so they’re a good option for bathrooms. Also consider café shutters, Roman shades (especially ones made with natural fibers), and drapes with tiebacks.


Like your bathrooms, privacy is also a concern when looking for bedroom window treatments. You’ll also want to find the best light-filtering option, letting in just enough light for your liking. You could feasibly go with blackout curtains if you don’t mindfully open them during the day, but plantation shutters and Roman shades are a more versatile option. You may also want to consider installing a double rod on your bedroom windows for two different layers of window treatments, with one layer being a blackout-style treatment and the other being more permeable.

Living Room

As far as window treatments for different rooms go, the versatility and variety of a living room mean that it’s a space for experimentation. Feel free to select a window treatment based mainly on aesthetic purposes, but don’t completely discount the function. In other words, focus on treatments that compliment your living room furniture and other decors, but make sure to also take light-filtering ability into account. Honeycomb shades work well if energy efficiency is a priority, while full drapes are better suited for privacy.


Maintenance is a big concern for kitchen window treatments. Ideally, you want something that keeps the kitchen as cool as possible, while still being easy to clean and not having chains or cords that can get in the way of cooking. As a rule of thumb, the higher you mount a shade, the less chance it has of getting dirty. Roman shades can do the job, while café shutters and wooden blinds admit the right amount of light into your kitchen while also being relatively easy to clean. You’ll want to avoid wispy, billowing materials since they’re too stain-prone to be effective.

Sun Shades

As one of the most reliable modern additions to your home, our sun shades can help you prepare for summer. They pull double duty, keeping your home cool and allowing you control over your home’s style. This can both amplify the look and usefulness of your home’s window treatments, as well as allow you more privacy for your family. And as you can see, the best part is that they can complement any room of your home!

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