How a Retractable Awning can Save You Money

home with white retractable awnings in Phoenix, AZ

You’ll be hoping for some shade in the upcoming weeks. As we proceed towards summer, every day gets longer and hotter, making it harder to stay outside without some relief. But when you decide to get some shade for your backyard, will you choose to install a stationary, traditional awning, or a retractable awning instead? Are retractable awnings worth it?

Here are some great reasons to choose a retractable awning that will save you time, money, and hardship in the long run.

Retractable awnings aren’t as susceptible to wind or heavy storms

Though storms in Arizona are uncommon, they can sweep in unexpectedly, and batter outdoor installations like awnings, shade screens, and patio furniture. Just last August, Phoenix was struck by a haboob, which damaged homes, and took out power for several Phoenix residents. Many homeowners had little to no warning before the storm struck.

Traditional awnings have no chance against winds of these speeds, and would probably be mangled beyond repair if exposed to this type of storm. With a retractable awning installation, it is easy and painless to retract the awning completely, preventing it from storm damage. In addition, Superior Sun Solutions provides awnings that include automatic wind sensors that can retract the awning for you in the case of unexpected storms.

Retractable awnings can withstand sun damage (or prevent it entirely)

Retracting an awning can also prevent the damage caused by the harsh Arizona sun. But this isn’t the only benefit. Retractable awnings are built with thicker, more sturdy material as compared to traditional awnings. This means that they inherently endure sun damage better and longer than a traditional awning. When you install a retractable awning, you can depend on it lasting as long as multiple standard awnings, making the overall cost much more worthwhile.

Retractable awnings are much more flexible and versatile

Wouldn’t it be nice to have cool shade on hot days, but also be able to soak up some filtered sunlight on cloudy afternoons? It’s not necessarily an easy task with a traditional awning. Opening, closing, and reopening can become tiresome and increases the likelihood of wear and tear on the fabric. A quick adjustment can rip the material, and turn it into a costly replacement in an instant. Thankfully, having a motorized retractable awning completely reduces the effort necessary to adjust your shade. It’s a piece of cake to completely change the look of your yard, or alter the amount of sunlight your guests have while you’re entertaining.

Set yourself up for years to come with a retractable awning

Superior Sun Solutions stands by our products and believes that quality and value go hand in hand. If you’re looking for a shade solution that’s long-lasting, easy to operate and adjust, and resistant to storms, let us know!


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