How Do Solar Screen Shades Work?

How Do Solar Screen Shades Work

Windows can be the centerpiece of a room and a source of ambient light. Solar screen shades help homeowners control the look and lighting of their rooms while reducing heating and cooling costs. How do solar screen shades work?

Understanding Solar Screen Shades

Solar screen shades consist of a material that reflects most incoming light. A shade’s transparency or openness factor indicates how much light the screen lets through.

For example, a 1% solar screen shade will block 99% of incoming light, including ultraviolet light. A 10% shade will block 90%, and so on. This makes the room brighter but offers less privacy and UV light protection.

Solar Screen Shades Block Glare But Let In Diffuse Ambient Light

Have you ever walked into a room from a dark hallway and stopped in your tracks because of the sun’s blinding glare? Direct sunlight can sting your eyes and leave an annoying afterimage.

Many homeowners want the comforting feel of natural light in their homes without sunlight reflecting off glass and metal surfaces.

How do solar screen shades work to enhance your interior aesthetic? Solar screens reflect some sunlight while letting just enough through to provide the illumination you desire. A solar screen’s diffuse lighting:

  • Improves your mood
  • Eliminates annoying glare on TV screens
  • Eliminates glare from reflective surfaces
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Solar Screens Block UV Radiation

Installing solar screens is like giving your house a pair of high-quality sunglasses. Solar shades reflect virtually all the ultraviolet light from the sun, which provides you with many benefits, including:

  • Preserving the bright colors on paintings and painted surfaces
  • Protecting the eyesight of guests and family members
  • Keeping skin looking younger by reducing UV exposure
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Protect Your Privacy With Solar Shades That Have a Low Openness Factor

Picture windows and other large windows offer fabulous views, but homeowners don’t always want to give neighbors and passersby a front-row seat to their daily activities. Solar screens work in both directions to scatter light from your home at night.

Solar shades with low openness offer more privacy at night. Neighbors and visitors can see the glow of your interior lighting and know someone is home, while the shades obscure the details.

Solar screen shades do not offer complete privacy. If your home needs more protection from prying eyes, blackout curtains are an effective option. Use blackout curtains with solar screen shades for diffuse natural lighting during the day and privacy at night.

Obscuring the interior of your home can increase curb appeal by removing the distracting image of people inside. They can also reduce the risk of bird collisions with picture windows.

Dark Solar Screens Passively Warm Your Home

Heating bills are higher than ever. Homeowners across the country are looking to lower them by heating their homes naturally in ways that conserve fuel and electricity. In addition to insulation and sturdy windows, solar shades trap heat that might otherwise radiate into the environment.

How do solar screen shades work to improve energy efficiency? Dark solar screen shades absorb incoming light rather than reflect it. When the shade absorbs certain wavelengths of light, it converts them into heat, which spreads to the air and gently heats your home on sunny days.

Light Solar Screens

Light Solar Screens Reflect Incoming Light

Like a white shirt on a summer day, light solar screen shades keep your home cool in the summer. They block sunlight by reflecting it away, reducing heat inside your home and demand on your air conditioning system on sunny days.

Quality Solar Screen Shades From Superior Sun Solutions

So, how do solar screen shades work? Attractive and energy-saving shades work in many ways to give you control over your interior environment.

Choosing the right openness level and color will ensure the shade meets your needs. If you’re ready to install solar screen shades in your home, contact Superior Sun Solutions at (480) 573-7944 today.


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