How Much Do Solar Screens Cost?

How Much Do Solar Screens Cost

Solar screen shades can be a worthwhile investment in an energy-efficient and attractive home. So, how much do solar screens cost? The answer depends on several factors that affect the prices of solar screens.

Before you plan your next home renovation or design project, be aware of the role solar screens play. You might find them to be a cost-effective alternative or complement to repainting, window replacements, skylights, and other costly renovations. Keep the following considerations in mind when you discuss your project with an installation technician or contractor.

Types of Solar Screen Material

Different screen materials have different costs, so you can save money by choosing a material that costs less to produce. Typically, darker screens cost less because they do not have a PVC coating. The coating reduces the transfer of heat to the shade.

Some solar screen fabrics have coatings that increase their ability to absorb UV rays. These coatings contribute to the overall cost per square foot of the solar screen.

If you are buying a solar screen for light control and UV protection or if you are using solar shades for passive heating, the more economical screen fabric might work fine. If you want to save money on air conditioning bills in the summer, it makes sense to invest in coated solar screen material.

The weave and construction of the screen fabric contribute to the cost. Fabrics with a higher openness factor, which let more light through, are more expensive.

When asking yourself, “How much do solar screens cost?” consider the advantages of each fabric choice.

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The Location of the Solar Screen

Buying a solar screen in a location where the demand for passive heating and the cost of living are high could set you back more. Nationwide and international shipping can mitigate this effect. Look for discounts from online retailers and other e-commerce sites.

Number of Windows and Window Size

Many manufacturers and retailers sell window screen material by the window or by the foot. Large windows or installations that include many windows will cost more than a few small windows. If you want a solar screen with an unusual shape, the cost might be higher to accommodate the expense of cutting the fabric to shape.

Labor Costs

When considering the question “How much do solar screens cost?” don’t forget the cost of installing the solar screen.

Solar screen installation costs will vary depending on the prevailing wage in your area, the number of windows, and the complexity of the installation. Some contractors might offer discounts if you bundle solar screen installations with curtains or other window treatment elements.

Solar Screen Costs Installation

Overall Estimate of Solar Screen Costs

Including installation, solar screens average $300 per window, with prices ranging from $100 to $500 per window. The fabric for solar screen shades can cost up to eight dollars per square foot, with uncoated fabric costing as little as two dollars per square foot.

It is difficult to determine how much solar screens cost without knowing the needs and expectations of the homeowner and the condition of the house. When you sign up for professional installation, you will have the opportunity to talk with an experienced solar screen technician about:

  • Your energy usage
  • The lighting in the rooms of your house
  • Solar screen shade fabric options
  • Your budget and financing options

When you meet with the technician, be sure they are licensed and experienced, and be ready to ask them all your questions, including “How much do solar screens cost?”

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