How Solar Screens Can Help Your Home

solar screens in sunny weather

For people who own a home in the warm climates of the south, finding ways to keep the home cool is essential. The benefits of solar window screens include significantly reducing the amount of sunlight that enters your house. While natural sunlight is a beautiful thing to have permeating a home, too much can be challenging to deal with.

The Important Benefits of Solar Screens

Solar screens for windows can greatly reduce excessive heat through windows while still allowing for visibility to the outside. They are manufactured with unique materials that can reduce the home’s temperature by up to 35 degrees. When in use, solar screens are so efficient that they can cut cooling costs in half.

Custom-made solar screens are designed to offer the highest possible reduction of heat penetration of the sun’s rays. Custom-made screens can match any window size and can come with an extended warranty on parts and materials.

Excessive heat in your home can be a financial and health hazard. Understanding the potential problems that excess sunlight and heat can cause is essential.

High Amounts of Sunlight Entering a Home Can Cause:

Excessive Heat Build-Up

When the sun beats down on a home, the heat it creates gets trapped in the house. This can cause the temperature inside the home to skyrocket by 10 to 15 degrees.

Bleached Furniture and Curtains

UV rays can cause bleach spots in your furniture’s fabric. In addition, heat and infrared radiation, as well as visible light, can cause furniture color to fade as well.

Unhealthy Air Quality and Heat Stroke Risk

When excessive amounts of heat build up in a home, the air quality is significantly reduced. This can be especially problematic for people who suffer from heart and lung diseases. Using only air conditioning will prove costly in the long run.

People who are continually exposed to heat are also at higher risk for heatstroke. Heatstroke is caused by excessive amounts of heat penetrating the body. It can cause damage to the brain and other vital bodily organs.

High Energy Bills

The more peak sunlight from the day enters a home, the higher the air conditioning costs become. Avoid leaving your air conditioning off for a long period of time. Getting the house back to healthy air and temperature levels can take up to an hour or more.

While the sun may go down in the evening, the heat inside a home will get trapped inside and have no place to go. That means either the air conditioning must be kept on to keep a home cool or other measures must be taken. Most air conditioning can be kept on with a temperature sensor, which can be helpful to reduce spikes in energy costs. However, through the use of energy-efficient solar screens, the need to use air conditioning while homeowners are away is nominal.

Each of these potential problems from excessive sunlight entering a home can be quite costly to remedy, both in financial expense and personal health. Through the initial investment of high-quality solar screens, homeowners can reduce the risk of long-term health hazards and excessive financial expenditures.

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