How Sun Screens Function as an Effective Bug Screen

Sun Screen Patio

Enjoying your outdoors gets even better when you don’t have to worry about the sun beating down on your space or irritating bugs flying around you and your food. Many see retractable sun screens as useful for blocking harmful UV rays, and they are absolutely correct. But they can also protect you, your family, and your pets from pesky insects throughout spring and summer.

Appreciate Your Patio All Year

Many families use their patio or deck as extra living space. You might enjoy the sunny weather outside or spend evenings chatting with your friends and family while admiring the view. But in Arizona, the bugs can ruin your day.

Our outdoor sun screens use a tensioning system with a track that can create a patio enclosure for you and your family when in the down position. This keeps the extreme heat from the sun at bay while keeping snakes, scorpions, and other insects away. Viruses from insects like mosquitoes are a growing concern, but our sun screens can give you peace of mind to continue enjoying the outdoors.

privacy with sun screens

Safe For Your Kids and Pets

You and your family will love the added protection when your kids or pets play on the deck or patio. Since the track system is tight – even on windy days – our sun screens can remain at their best for years without replacement. Even the smallest bugs, snakes, or other animals will be unable to penetrate our sun screens, keeping your pets safe throughout the night. can enjoy time outside with family and friends. The motorized system is easy to use, and you can quickly convert your outdoor patio into an enclosed room and enjoy the extra space.

Additional Benefits

With these great benefits, you can enjoy a cooler home and a lowered energy bill when using our sun screens. As the hottest days of summer come around, you don’t want to deal with the pesky bugs and the blistering heat. When you put your sun screens down, you can relax with a cold drink on the patio while knowing your patio is bug-free and your home is cool.

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