How to Clean Awning Fabric

fabric swatches

A lot of dust and dirt can accumulate on your awnings in a year. To maintain your awning’s vibrant look, you need to have a regular cleaning schedule. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to clean your awning fast and effectively.

  1. Sweep off any dirt or dust.
  2. Hose down the awning
  3. Lay down protection underneath your awning
  4. Apply 1/4 cup of soap and water to the awning
  5. Let the cleaning solution soak for 15 minutes
  6. Rinse with water
  7. Air dry

Step 1. Lay down protection underneath your awning

Soap and bleach could get onto your lawn without protection. Put down a tarp, then secure the tarp using stakes and heavy objects to guarantee placement.

Step 2. Sweep off any dirt or dust.

You can use a broom, towel, or anything else for a sweep cleaning. It’s best to get the dirt out before a spray. Any solution that is used on the awning could turn dirt and pollen into mud, which could create more work for you.

Step 3. Hose down the awning

Use a garden hose and gently spray down the awning. Forceful water pressure could cause severe damage during cleaning.

Step 4. Apply 1/4 cup of soap and water to the awning

Mix a gallon bucket of water with about 1 / 4 cup of liquid soap. Once ready, use generously on the awning fabric itself using a cleaning brush.

If there are strong accumulations of mildew and mold, mix in 1 cup of bleach.

You may need to use a ladder to get above the awning. Be careful when climbing the ladder with a cleaning solution (especially if it has bleach).

Step 5. Let the cleaning solution soak for 15 minutes

Allow the soap and bleach to soak into the fabric. The longer cleaning products have to soak in, the more dirt and pollen it absorbs.

Step 6. Rinse with water

Use a garden hose again to rinse the awning. Make sure the fabrics are free of soap and suds at the end of the rinse. If it is not, the soap could dry and crust, which could damage the fabrics even further.

If you used bleach, you will need to retreat the fabric with some sort of fabric guard. Retreating it will increase the longevity of the fabric.

Step 7. Air dry

Dry off your wet awning before rolling it up. Any leftover moisture can turn into mold or mildew, causing greater harm later down the line.

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