How to Have Outdoor Fun Without Overheating

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Air conditioning is a glorious thing, especially in Arizona. But staying indoors means missing out on fresh air, warm sun, cool water, and everything else the great outdoors have to offer. Beat the heat by reconfiguring your outdoor space, and by seeking out shady activities in your own backyard and neighborhood.

Shade Your Yard

Staying close to home makes sense on really hot days. You can enjoy the outdoors, then pop inside to cool down. And if you have kids, you know that they benefit from plenty of outdoor play. It takes very little to turn your yard into a cool oasis, even in the desert.

Create sheltered spots by picking up a pop-up gazebo or canopy from a home improvement store. A misting fan made for outdoor use can provide some cool evaporative relief under your shelter. These shelters will provide some shade where kids and pets can play. Installing a retractable awning is a more permanent way of increasing the outdoor use of your backyard and creating a shaded area large enough for a seating area the whole family can use.

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Visit Your Local Community Pool or Waterpark

There are a lot of resources in Arizona to help residents keep cool and enjoy the year-round sunshine. At home, fill spray bottles with ice water and spritz yourself, or have a spray fight with your family. A trip to your local toy store can result in some great water-toy finds.

Check with your city’s recreation department to find out whether there are community pools, wading pools, or splash pads nearby. In the summer months, take an adventure to a local waterpark! Wet ‘n’ Wild in Phoenix is a particularly cool place to be.

Explore the City

Wandering a mall or shopping center can provide a great mix of cold air and cool treats. Bring kids to the library, where they can join storytime or borrow books to read. The library has a wide selection of specialty books that can not be checked out that are fun to read.

Movie theaters are always easy places to enjoy some air conditioning, and afterward, you can explore any of the shops nearby. You might even get the chance to spend the afternoon in a museum-like the Arizona Science Center or visit the Flandrau Planetarium.

Kick Back in the Park

Find a park near the home where you can recline underneath a tree or awning with a good book. Kids can stretch their legs and get some exercise or join you in the shade when the heat gets to be too much. Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreens, water, and snacks to get the most out of your trip!

As always, your backyard is likely your number one spot to enjoy the best of Arizona’s weather. If you’re hoping to get some more shade throughout your yard, contact us to get started on a shade solution that your family will love.


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