How to Measure for Security Shutters

Rolling security shutters—much like the garage-type security doors that roll down over storefronts—are becoming more popular among homeowners.

They can reduce noise from traffic and outdoor machinery by up to 50%. An added benefit is that they also protect your windows and doors from the ravages of wind and weather.

The first step in getting rolling security shutters is to measure the area for the size of shutters you need. Here’s a guide on how to measure security shutters accurately and get the process started.

  1. Begin by measuring the inside width of the opening.
    Use a tape measure to take two measurements: the width of the opening at the top and the width at the bottom.
  2. Take the height of the opening.
    The same way you measured the width, measure the inside of the opening from top to bottom. Also again, take two measurements: one on the right-hand side of the opening and another on the left-hand side.
  3. Measure the amount of space above the opening where the rolling security shutters will be installed.
    Put the end of the tape measure on the top edge of the opening and measure up until you reach an obstacle. Such an obstacle could be another window, a balcony, a door, or some architectural feature.
    This measurement will determine the size and placement of the case. The case will be where the rolling shutter resides when not covering the opening.
  4. Measure the space on both the right and left sides of the opening.
    Like Step 3, measure at the right-hand edge of the opening and continue the measurement until you hit an obstacle. Then mirror the same procedure for the left side.
    Anything that will impede the shutter should be considered an obstacle. Another window, a door, an electrical fixture, and even a doorbell could affect your shutters.
  5. Measure the “ceiling” above the opening.
    The final step depends on the architecture of the building. For example, if the obstacle that ended your measurement of the space above the opening in Step 3 ended because of a balcony or deck, the bottom of that balcony or deck is considered the “ceiling” for your measuring purposes.
    Measure from the point where the space above the opening meets the “ceiling” outward to the edge of the balcony, deck, or architectural feature. If there is no “ceiling” in that particular location, you can skip this step.

Disclaimer: Superior Sun Solutions is no longer offering security shutter products or rolling shutter products.


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