How to Prevent Sun Damage to Patio Furniture

prevent sun damage to patio furniture

Arizona enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine on average every year. What’s more, temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. For sun-lovers, this means plenty of time outside, but these weather conditions can wreak havoc on patio furniture.

Common Damage to Patio Furniture

The constant sunshine can fade fabric and furniture frames, while the heat can melt low-quality plastic and decrease fabric integrity. Even wood frames can crack and break. Direct sunlight is the largest factor in damaging furniture, but the dry air of the Sonoran desert considerably impacts furniture durability as well.

Best Choices When Buying

In the desert sun, you need to find a happy balance between personal style and quality materials that can withstand the heat. For furniture frames, you need a material that won’t melt or be too hot to the touch.

  • Marine-grade polymer (MPG) is a strong complex plastic that won’t fade or melt.
  • Teak has a high rubber and oil content and will resist cracking and termites.
  • Sling chairs made of high-quality mesh are also a great choice.

For cushions, choose a fade-resistant fabric that has been treated with ultraviolet inhibitors. This increases tolerance and makes them last longer.

Preventing Sun Damage

You can still enjoy your time in the sun while preventing damage to your patio chairs, tables, and other furniture. In addition to purchasing quality pieces, you’ll want to inspect and treat furniture on a regular basis.

For frames:

  • Inspect legs, arms, and backs for melted or soft areas and cracks.
  • Make sure all connections are tight and sturdy. You don’t want any loose or wobbly joints.
  • Use the manufacturer’s recommended oil to keep wood frames from cracking.

For fabrics:

  • Inspect corners and seams for tears or rips.
  • Check for thin spots, wear, or holes on surfaces in direct sunlight.
  • Apply a product specifically made for creating water and UV barriers on the fabric.

Try Shading Your Furniture

Another great way to protect your patio furniture from sun damage is to use shade. Retractable awnings will protect your furniture and your family from those harmful UV rays, and an awning keeps everything covered while still allowing you to relax.

When you want to enjoy more sun, simply retract the awning. This allows you to keep your furniture covered when you choose and allows you to enjoy the sun only when you’re actually outside. Interested in a shading solution? Call Superior Sun Solutions today, and get started with a retractable awning for your backyard and patio. Enjoy the sun exactly the way you want to! Get a free estimate now!


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