How to Protect Wooden Front Doors from Sun Damage

Door Awning Canopy

UV rays and heat from direct sunlight can be very hard on exterior wooden doors in homes. The finish can crack and fade, the wood might expand or contract, and the light will make the door look dull over time. This could throw off your home’s curb appeal and be frustrating to deal with. So how can you protect your home’s wooden doors from the sun? We’ve listed some of the best ways to help prevent sun damage on exterior doors.

Ways to Protect Front Doors from the Sun

If your door looks worse for wear and the exterior portion of the wood is down, remove the previous finish if there is any. You can then also add exterior varnish, polyurethane, or a clear finish with UV protection to help reinforce it. However, remove interior-grade finishes as they fade quickly when subjected to direct sunlight.

You can also try using landscaping to shade your door by planting trees in the sun’s path. The natural shade will stop the UV rays from getting to your front door, and you have the bonus of new trees. Make sure that they provide cover during the fall and winter if they’re not evergreens. When you make your tree selection, you need to find a hearty and fast-growing variety.

The Best Solution for Front Door Sun Damage

Adding an awning or a canopy is the best and quickest solution to your front door dilemma. This will let you block out the sun, no matter the season, and keep your door safe from sun damage. This option also has a few bonus benefits to keep in mind: If you have outdoor furniture that also suffers from UV damage, you can protect these with the same awning. The shade can also reduce your energy costs and make your house more comfortable, especially if you live in a hotter climate. You also don’t have to rake up any leaves from an awning once fall arrives. All in all, it’s the most convenient, cost-efficient, and effective solution to your sun problem.

Installing an awning or a canopy doesn’t take long at all, and Superior Sun Solutions can help. Contact us today to get your free estimate.


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