How to Protect Your Home from Direct Sunlight

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1. Retractable Awnings

One of the best methods for keeping your home safe from direct sunlight is a retractable awning. These are typically custom-built for your home. They’re installed on the sides of your home and around doors and windows that allow direct access for the sun to enter your home. With a click of the button or by manually cranking the awning, you can easily have the awning lowered down to cast your home in the shade.

Retractable awnings are effective because they offer your home the chance to be shaded even if the home isn’t by any other natural shading elements like trees or hills. Because they’re retractable, you’re also able to use or put them away whenever you want.

Perhaps you want to enjoy your deck, but you can’t stand burning your feet on the hot surface or being exposed to the sun for too long. The awning can be easily pulled out to offer cover and protect you, the deck, and the interior of your home. When you want some sun to shine into your home, then you can simply retract the awning back into its original position.

2. Solar Screens

Another effective method for keeping the sun from entering your home is with a solar screen. Accurately named, these are essentially shades or a screen that rests over your windows. They’re thick and durable, and they can stand up against the power of UV light for several years. Like the retractable awning, a solar screen is a great option for those people who don’t necessarily want to go outside each time to put the protective measure into place.

With a solar screen, you simply pull it down or up. If the sun is blasting into your home, then you simply lower the screen to keep it from entering the home. When you want that natural light, then you simply roll it back and allow it in. Solar screens are easy, affordable, and provide an effective solution for keeping your home protected from the sun.

3. Rolling Security Shutters

One last method to consider is installing rolling security shutters. These are similar to the solar screens except they’re built with a heavy-duty material. They can protect your home from the sun and other weather elements. They’re also just as easy to use.

Because they come motorized, you can use them as you see fit with your wireless device. Rolling security shutters also have other uses too. If you have needs past protecting your home from the sun, then this method could be a great option.

Protect Your Home from Sun Damaged Furniture

You shouldn’t have to watch your carpet and furniture wither beneath the sun. Try these three methods today to preserve the interior of your home from the sun’s powerful UV rays. Learn more about these options by contacting Superior Sun Solutions today!


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