How Window Orientation Affects Your Home’s Temperature

window orientation affects homes temperature

Many factors influence your home’s temperature, but one thing that often gets overlooked is the window placement. Natural light in every corner looks great, but it can cause an uncomfortable climate inside. During the summer, the air conditioner also needs to work harder to maintain your desired settings.

The Hottest Window Orientations

Your southern exposure windows are the hottest in your home, although east- and west-facing windows can bring in heat during early mornings and late afternoons. The cause for this comes from the southern part of your home facing toward the sun in the Northern Hemisphere. Houseplants love to bask in all this light, but that doesn’t balance out the increased air conditioning bills.

Window Placement for Heat Reduction

The north lets in the least amount of light throughout the year, making it an excellent position for large picture windows in your main living areas. Since you need these rooms to stay comfortable all year long, this placement keeps your interior temperatures consistent.

For rooms such as your kitchen, southern exposure windows are less of a problem. The oven, stove, and other appliances already create an environment that’s hotter than the rest of the house, so you don’t notice the temperature change as much.

If you don’t have the optimal window placement in your home, you still have a few options. Shade trees and other foliage can reduce the direct sunlight coming through the glass. Awnings are another viable option for blocking the sun and creating a shaded area right in front of the window, as are decorative shutters.

If you like getting light for part of the day, a motorized awning gives you added flexibility. Sun screens can address the situation temporarily, but you also darken that particular room.

The difference in temperature between a covered area and one subjected to a maximum amount of the sun’s energy is noticeable. The savings on your energy bill can be significant, and you also reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Take some time to walk around your house and see how your windows affect the overall temperature in each room. If you need to make a change, contact us to talk about your sun shade options.


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