Keep Your Home Cool with These 7 (Cheap) Tips

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The warmest days of spring and summer are yet to come, and it only promises to get hotter in Arizona as the days go by. Don’t feel like you’re doomed to a miserable heat-induced mood in a hothouse. Take measures to keep your home cool during the hot days and nights with these 7 tips.

Close the blinds

Letting in that bright sunshine also lets the heat in. Keep your blinds, curtains, and shades drawn to reduce the amount of heat in your home by up to 30 percent and cool the indoor temperature by up to 20 degrees. This is especially true for windows facing to the west and south which let the most heat and light in.

Use a fan with ice

A quick solution if you need quick relief from the heat is to put a fan up and place something cold such as an ice pack or bowl full of ice in front of it. The flowing air has an extra misty chill to it for a cooling breeze.

Use different sheets

The material of your sheets significantly affects how warm you are during the night. During the summer months, you want to use a lighter material, such as cotton, instead of flannel or fleece to make your night more comfortable.

Switch your bulbs

If you haven’t already switched from incandescent bulbs to CFL or LED, what are you waiting for? They’ll save on your energy costs and give off much less heat than the outdated incandescent ones. You’ll keep your house cooler and save money on electricity costs.

Cook outside

Cooking indoors during warm days raises the indoor temperature due to the oven and stove running. Avoid cooking meals that require prolonged use of the oven on these days and cookout on the grill if possible. Try out some new recipes and keep the heat outside where it belongs.

Plant trees

Plant trees in areas the most sun exposure occurs. It takes time for them to grow, but it is an investment in keeping your home cool for future summers. Vines and shrubs are other alternatives that provide quicker relief but require more maintenance throughout the year. You’ll also get a varied landscape with different colors and scents by planting new trees or plants.

Add to the exterior

Another option you have is to add more protection to the exterior of your home from the sun with the addition of awnings and sunshades where up to 70 percent of the incoming heat can be re-directed. You can select the type and design that works with your home’s design and style needs. Select the options available to you to keep your home cool this summer. Use a combination of these ideas for maximum cooling effectiveness and a reduction in energy costs. And, if you’re still looking for more cooling options, call the folks at Superior Sun Solutions.


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