North-Facing vs. South-Facing: What’s Better for Arizona Homes?

North-facing and south-facing Arizona homes

From Tempe to Flagstaff and everywhere in between, the sun intensely beats down on homeowners across Arizona. Shading is only one element of how protected you feel against the elements, though. Something you might be neglecting is the orientation of your house. The direction your house is facing plays a significant part in natural lighting and energy usage. With that in mind, what are the differences between north-facing and south-facing houses?

Why It Matters?

Right from the start of your home selection process, it’s important to gauge how natural light interacts with windows and certain rooms. Observe how sunlight interacts with different rooms several times over the course of a day to get the most complete picture possible. The matter of house orientation may be less vital in other areas with more moderate climates, but here in Arizona, any assistance in coping with intense summers is welcome.

South-Facing Homes

For those who are looking for an abundance of sunlight in their home, south-facing houses are preferable. Naturally, during Arizona heat, this might not be the most viable option. But elsewhere in the United States and in other corners of the world, a south-facing house is highly sought after. The natural light and warmth are welcome additions in countries like the United Kingdom, where the overcast and often cold climate makes south-facing homes and gardens a luxury.

South-facing houses will be exposed to the most natural light, with consistent levels of the sun coming in throughout the day, highlighted from late morning to mid-afternoon. Sunbeams are strong, shadows are crisp, and the colors of household decor are amplified. Of course, the accompanying effect is heating, which is probably off-putting for most Arizona homeowners.

North-Facing Homes

On the other side of this coin are the north-facing homes, which end up with darker rooms and more muted colors. From a decor standpoint, it’s important to use bright colors in north-facing homes to balance out the diminished natural light. However, facing north comes with energy benefits. Usually, only a few rooms will be affected enough by sunlight to warrant lots of cooling, thereby lessening your air conditioning load. For that reason, north-facing homes are considered a hot commodity here in Arizona.

However, your home is oriented; chances are you’ll need shading to stand up to the Arizona summer heat. Both north-facing and south-facing houses can benefit from Superior Sun Solutions and our awning/screen options. Regarding energy efficiency and style, we’ve been serving Arizona since 1993, and we can’t wait to help you get started with your next shading project. Call us today at (480) 631-9678 or fill out our form for a free estimate!


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