Screens vs. Enclosures for Patio: Benefits & Considerations

pergola covered patio with sun screen

Anyone who is a native Arizonian is exceedingly familiar with the nature of Arizona weather. Warm temperatures, dry heat, and a minimal level of cloud coverage can leave Arizona residents without many places to take cover from the hot weather. This is one of the reasons that homeowners in Phoenix, AZ have jumped onto the trend of establishing patio enclosures in their homes. These transitional areas that connect indoors and outdoor are often built on top of one’s existing back patio, making use of all the square footage available to secure a relaxing haven from the elements. Even if you don’t have the motivation or resources to add a full, completed patio enclosure to your home, you can enjoy all of the benefits and more with robust Phoenix patio screens. In this article, we’ll break down the differences between a patio enclosure and a screened-in patio. Then, we’ll illustrate some of the benefits of patio enclosures that are also provided by quality patio screens, often for less costs and invasive installation methods.

Patio Screens vs. Enclosures

specifically windows and window panes, are both separate spaces from the outdoor parts of the property.

On a different note, patio screens vary significantly in construction and materials. They don’t feature materials like windows or glass panels, and instead, are made up of superior fabrics that maintain durability while also protecting homeowners from harsh weather and harmful UV rays. At Superior Sun Solutions, our Phoenix patio screens are made of unique Précontraint® fabric from Serge Ferrari, built to last much longer than the competitors’ models.

As opposed to patio enclosures, which are built with solid foundations on the ground, patio screens are usually installed inside the top portions of the walls or ceiling covering a home’s outdoor patio. This allows users to let the patio screens rise and all how they see fit, allowing for great flexibility of coverage.

Benefits of Phoenix Patio Screens

People often spend large amounts on patio enclosures for the pleasantries that they provide. These structures offer a relaxing, quiet place for Phoenix residents to get out of the four walls of their homes without exposing themselves to 100-degree temperatures. What many property owners with patio enclosures don’t realize is that they can get the same peaceful outdoor setups with quality patio screens, as long as they choose a patio screen manufacturer that has the high-grade materials to support cool environments while letting light pass through.

At Superior Sun Solutions, our patio screens are easy to operate, and made of premium materials, and they represent an energy-efficient method of cooling your patio and your home. Though many people don’t know, it’s been reported by the U.S. Department of Energy that solar screens can save your home from up to 77% of UV Rays. With their ability to block out UV rays, reduce heat transfer, and keep patios cooler longer, our patio screens can make your space as cool and inviting as possible. Are you looking for a solution for your Phoenix home’s unenjoyable patio? Do you want to expand the usable square footage of your home, regardless of high Arizona temperatures? If so, contact the residential shading experts at Superior Sun Solutions ASAP for more information about our durable, effective patio screens.


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