What Retractable Awnings Are: Tips & Guides on How To Choose

retractable awnings tips and guide

An awning on your porch, patio, or deck can provide the shade and protection you need from the sun in the summer. An awning visually enhances the curb appeal of your home. If you want more flexibility, consider retractable awnings.

What is a Retractable Awning?

A retractable awning retracts when not in use, allowing you to save space and protect the awning. These awnings are highly versatile and provide instant shade when you need it. Retractable awnings are available in various materials, such as vinyl, canvas, and acrylic fabrics.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Difference Between Fixed Vs. Retractable

One thing that separates fixed awnings from retractable awnings is motion. Fixed awnings stay in place, while retractable awnings can move up, down, or stop at any point. Due to this functionality, retractable awnings are more popular with performance advantages.

What Are the Types of Retractable Awnings?

Factors to Consider Before Buying Retractable Awnings

Choosing which retractable awning to buy can be difficult because they are available in many styles, sizes, and costs. Generally, top-grade awnings use quality fabrics and metal frames. Also, fabrics should provide UV ray protection and have water-resistant properties.

The cost of a retractable awning is another factor to consider. An awning that costs more will generally have better build quality. Consider the awning’s innovative features before deciding on one.

How to Choose a Professional Retractable Awning Installer

An awning installed by a professional is more durable and lasts longer. Superior Sun Solutions installers can guide you in picking the best retractable awning for your needs and lifestyle. Before choosing, you can ask us questions with an in-home consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Retractable awnings are more expensive than fixed awnings because of their extra features. While the initial costs are higher, their customization and efficiency make up for it.

Yes. Retractable awnings for windows offer the same benefits as outdoor awnings. They can protect windows from rain, wind, and the sun.

Manual awnings can only open and close using a crank, whereas motorized awnings offer hassle-free operation. Motorized awnings have sensors that automatically retract the awning to protect it from high winds and rainfall.

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