Shade Ideas for Your Dog

shade ideas for your dog

Arizona in the summer can get hot! From May thru September, certain areas regularly top 100 degrees. Humans aren’t the only ones who need shade. Pet shade is also vital for animals.

Dogs can’t distribute heat away from their bodies as efficiently as humans because they sweat very little. They do sweat a little in their nose areas and footpads, but their big means of relieving heat is through panting.

Fur also traps heat. Humans have less body hair and many sweat glands all over their bodies. This lets them draw heat toward the surface of the skin where it is evaporated by the air. Dogs don’t get this luxury.

Shade for dogs is vital. If it feels hot to you, it feels hotter to your dog. Here are 7 creative dog shade ideas to protect your furry friend.

    1. Dog House
      This might seem an obvious pet shade idea, but the ability to get out of direct heat can lessen the temperature by 15-20 degrees.
    2. Dog Lean To
      This is another idea for a dog to get out of the direct sun. An adjustable lean-to ensures that you can set it so it provides shade during the hottest part of the day.
    3. PVC and Tarp
      If you have an old shower curtain, don’t throw it out. You can use it and some PVC pipe to easily construct a tarp shade for your canine friend.
    4. Petbrella
      This is a combination shade provider and tie-out stake. The nice thing is the easy portability, ease of setup, and the dog is safe when there is no fence.
    5. Dog Sun Shade Tent
      This gives new meaning to the phrase “pup tent”. They are carried by the big box stores and are easy to assemble.
    6. Foldable Tent
      This is easy to make and you can choose the decorative pattern to use. When not being used, store it away compactly and flat.
    7. Natural Shade
      Make use of trees, large bushes, and shrubs to shade your dog. Shade for dogs is important and so is the shade for humans. Superior Sun Solutions is the place to meet all your shading needs. Whether it is sun screens, retractable awnings, or security shutters, they can stylishly meet your needs on any budget. They are conveniently located in several Arizona areas and are fully bonded and licensed. They will help you beat the heat.


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