Helpful Solar Screens Buying Guide on Selecting the Best for You

Helpful Solar Screens Buying Guide on Selecting the Best for You

Solar screens make popular and aesthetically pleasing additions to living rooms, sunrooms, enclosed decks, and more. In warm climates like ours in northern Arizona, homeowners look for ways to keep their energy bills low and their homes cool in the summer. Here’s your solar screens buying guide to inform about their options.

Imagine your house bathed in natural sunlight while you stay cool on summer days. We hope these solar screens buying guide is helpful as you plan your next home renovation.

What Are Solar Screens?

Solar screens are one of the best sun solutions made from a screening fabric such as polyester that block up to 99% of incoming sunlight, including dangerous ultraviolet rays. While solar screen shades block light from inside the window, most solar screens cover the outside of the window.

Benefits of Solar Screens

Solar screens help homeowners in many ways. However, it’s important to remember that each type has specific advantages and limitations compared to others.

Solar Screen Materials

Solar screens typically consist of a polyester weave fabric and a PVC coating that strengthens the fabric and prevents the sun’s rays from heating your home in the summer. Most solar screens provide:

  • Partial privacy
  • Cooling in summer
  • Insulation in winter
  • Glare reduction
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Control of ambient light levels


This buying guide will help you choose the appropriate material for your solar screens.

Solar Screen Buying Guide

Openness Factor

The openness factor indicates how much light the solar screen lets through. Screen meshes with a 1% openness factor block or absorb 99% of the sun’s light, letting 1% through.

The openness factor can go as high as 14%. Screens with high openness do not offer much privacy but do not obstruct your view of the landscape outside.

Light or Dark?

A solar shade’s color influences its appearance and heat retention capability. Lighter screens reflect more light, so they are cooler than darker shades.

Choose a white screen if your primary aim is to keep your home cool in summer. A dark screen is best if you are trying to keep your home warm in winter.

4 Types of Solar Screens and their Uses

Choose a solar screen based on what you want to use it for. All solar screens will protect your home from the sun’s light and heat. However, some of the screens in this buying guide are better for particular tasks.

Cooling Solar Screens

White screens with a low openness factor are the best choice for reducing cooling bills during the summer. Their opacity will give you privacy at the expense of your view out the window and the amount of natural light in the room.

Heat-absorbing Solar Screens

Dark solar screens will heat up as they absorb sunlight. Heat retention makes them ideal for homeowners most concerned with keeping their homes warm in the winter. An uncoated solar screen shade mounted inside the house will transfer heat effectively from the fabric to the air into your home.

UV-blocking Solar Screens

Most solar screens block between 80% and 90% of incoming UV light depending on the fabric’s weave and openness factor.

Insect-repelling Solar Screens

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Solar screens consist of a finely woven fabric mesh that will keep out insects, sunlight, and heat. Solar screens are a good choice if your area is prone to pesky insects and you want to maximize airflow.

Choosing the Right Solar Screens

Our solar screens buying guide can’t cover every factor that goes into deciding which screen and fabric type to buy. If you are unsure which product is best for you, consult the experts at Superior Sun Solutions.

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