Solar Screens for Windows: Are They Worth It?

solar screens for windows

UV rays have plenty of ways to invade your home. From thin roofing material that lets in excess heat to glass doors and windows that allow streaming light indoors, multiple factors increase your home’s humidity levels.

Fortunately, solar screens for windows can powerfully counteract the sun and accompanying heat. They can make your cooling unit more efficient and lower energy bills without barring your view. 

Here is our guide to solar window screens for you to learn more. We’ll delve into the effects and common concerns of window solar screens so you can make an informed decision. 

What Are Solar Window Screens?

Solar screens, like blinds, curtains, and mesh screens, keep harmful UV rays out by adding a darker layer to transparent windows. However, solar screens use a polyester weave, sometimes with a PVC coating, as a tint that absorbs and expels outdoor heat.

single sun screen install outside phoenix

What Do Solar Screens Do for Your Home?

During the warm southern summers, you’ll do almost anything to reduce indoor heat, even if it means running your air conditioner on full blast 24/7. Still, your cooling unit can only do so much when your bare windows let in untreated UV rays.

Adding solar screens for windows filters out over 90% of those rays. As a result, they keep rays from passing through to the other side of your window. This process effectively lowers indoor temperatures by 15 degrees and saves up to 56% on utility costs.

Aside from generating lower monthly bills, your unit doesn’t have to work as hard to create a cooler indoor climate. Solar screens extend your system’s lifespan while deterring premature repairs and replacements.

Other 3 Benefits of Solar Window Screens

Additional benefits keep solar screens for windows popular in Arizona, including the following:

1. Creating Warmer Winter Homes

Since solar screens sit over the outer side of the window, they also keep snow, frost, ice, and chilly winds from touching the glass. The cooler outdoor climate never seeps into your home, which lowers energy costs and the stress on your furnace or heat pump.

2. Limiting Glare

Reducing glare is also high on the pros list. No one likes having white streaks across their TV or computer screen, blocking the image. If you have a hard time viewing your screens due to glare, solar screens for windows are an excellent solution.

3. Protecting Furniture

Many types of furniture are susceptible to sun damage from harmful UV rays. Wood furniture and floors lose their luster, becoming dull and cracked. The permanent discoloration is avoidable with the right window cover.

Does the Cover Affect My View?

patio with outdoor solar shades

While delivering all the energy-efficient benefits mentioned above, solar window screens maintain your view of the outdoors with a slightly darker tint. You can enjoy your hard-earned garden from your living room or observe your neighborhood without opening your window or removing the solar screens.

The tint resembles those on car windows or sunglasses. It is especially beneficial to those with sensitive eyes who find it hard to see comfortably on extremely sunny days.

While the screens don’t affect your view, they can certainly discourage passersby’s line of vision. Each screen resembles a one-way mirror, allowing residents to observe breathtaking evenings without fearing a lack of privacy from neighbors peering indoors.

Superior Sun Solutions: the Obvious Choice

When you decide on these solar screens, you’re opting for revolutionary sun-blocking technology. These window covers don’t affect your view or your privacy, and only enhance your energy and cost efficiency.

At Superior Sun Solutions, we’ve spent almost 30 years thinking of ways to keep the harsh sunlight off your home, from awnings to solar screens for windows. To view these custom products or schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians, call (480) 573-7944 for a free estimate in Scottsdale, AZ, and the surrounding areas!


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