Temperature Difference Between Shade and Full Sun

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On a sweltering hot day under the Arizona sun, temperatures can easily rise well into the 100s, with temperatures of 115 degrees Fahrenheit recorded regularly. If you spend enough time outside on these hot summer days, you’ll quickly understand how comforting a good shady area can be.

But, have you ever wondered why shade feels so good? Most people just connect with the relief that we feel when we get access to some shade. Have you considered the scientific differences between the temperature in the shade and the temperature in the full sun? As far as our team at Superior Sun Solutions, we wondered about this and decided to do a little bit of digging into this topic. Superior Sun Solutions provides beautiful retractable awnings and solar screens to Arizona homeowners, so if you’re in the market for sun shading solutions, contact our team today. Anyways, here are the facts that we found regarding the relationship between temperature and shade.

Is Outside Temperature Measured In the Sun or In the Shade?

thermometerWhen you wake up in the morning and check the weather forecast, the temperature for the day might read 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When you think about the temperature forecast, most people imagine a thermometer being outside in the hot sun and they picture it taking in the sun’s rays and displaying a reading. You would think that if the weather report says 100 degrees, then in the shade it might be cooler, perhaps 80-90 degrees. That is actually incorrect!

Weather forecasts measure outdoor temperatures in the shade. If the weather report says 100 degrees, then that means that the temperature is actually 100 degrees in areas that are fully shaded from the sun’s rays.

Why Would the Weather Forecast Measure Temperature in The Shade?

For a thermometer to accurately measure the temperature of the environment, it needs to be located in the shade so that it is not affected by the solar radiation from sunlight. If a thermometer were in the sun, the solar radiation would heat up the thermometer, and the resulting temperature would measure the warmed-up thermometer, not the environment around the thermometer.

The temperature in the Shade vs. Temperature in the Sunlight

In the shade, you may feel 10-15 degrees cooler, but the temperature is the exact same as the temperature in full sunlight. Shade only feels cooler because you are avoiding solar radiation. In reality, the temperature in the sun is the same as the temperature in the shade. That being said, solar radiation can make a huge difference in how you might feel about the temperature. When in the shade, your skin is not being “heated” by the sun’s rays, so your skin and your body feel a more comfortable temperature. When you are outside and not under shade of some kind, solar radiation warm the skin and makes your body’s natural ways of cooling down less effective at cooling you down.

The Five S’s of Sun Safety

The Benefits of a Shaded Patio

The shade has a variety of positive effects. Whether we’re talking about retractable awnings or solar screens, effective shading solutions can make your patio more comfortable and usable and they can also protect your family and property from the harmful effects of solar radiation. The many benefits of a shaded patio include the following:

  • In the shade, solar radiation is blocked which makes your patio feel cooler.
  • In shade, solar radiation is blocked so that your skin is better protected against some of the harmful UV rays in sunlight.
  • Shade can help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that can cause vision damage.
  • Shade can protect your furniture, painted surfaces, and other belongings from the fading effects of sunlight.
  • A shaded patio can be used and enjoyed year-round, even in the hot summer months.
  • Where there is shade, there is protection from the other elements like wind and rain. Retractable awnings and solar screens can protect you and your loved ones from all types of weather conditions, not just solar heat!

Get Your Quality Shading System with Superior Sun Solutions

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