The Best Awnings and Shade Screens for Privacy

privacy with sun screens

Maintaining privacy in crowded suburban areas can be a challenge. Lots of windows mean increased natural light, but they may also allow people to get a clear view into your house. Fortunately, investing in the right awnings and outdoor screens can help solve this problem.

Awnings for Privacy

Although you may associate awnings with a dated home aesthetic, new fabrics and treatments make awnings an attractive addition to your property while giving you more privacy. Experts note that new acrylic treatments are a durable and attractive choice. They stand up well to precipitation and tend to keep their color in demanding climates. Your neighbors cannot see through them either, so people will not be able to casually look into your home. Of course, the bonus is that these awnings will also cut your cooling costs during the warmer months.

Motorized awnings provide even more comfort and energy savings. You can adjust these awnings to let in the light on cooler, cloudier days, making your home’s interior warmer and more inviting. During the hot bright days of summer, you can have the awnings set for full protection, keeping your home cooler and creating a comfortable outdoor space for your family. Some models even automatically retract during high winds to protect your home from damage.

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Privacy Screens

If adding a tall wooden fence simply isn’t in the budget, adding some screening to the back porch or patio can add a high degree of privacy, shielding your family from the curiosity of the folks next door. Contractors often recommend choosing closed mesh polypropylene. Your neighbors will not be able to see through it, and it also stands up well to heavy winds.

You can opt for an open mesh polypropylene if you want to feel the cool breezes, but you will give up a bit of privacy. Either of these materials will keep you from feeling exposed in your own backyard.

Awnings and privacy screens are an affordable option for many homeowners, providing privacy without requiring building a solid, expensive fence. As a bonus, the addition of these items can also help lower heating and cooling costs. These simple additions can be an excellent home improvement investment.

If you’re looking to make your home more secluded and private, contact Superior Sun Solutions today! We can help you get started with the privacy solution that’s right for your home.


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