Tiny Home Comfort Solutions with Awnings & Screens

red retractable awning

The allure of simplifying one’s material life while reducing debt, utility bills, and maintenance costs has made tiny homes a small but persistent presence nearly everywhere in the country, including here in Arizona.

Environmental Stability

Tiny homes are often built with environmental sustainability in mind and, as such, are usually well-insulated – however, even the tightest insulation and the strongest air conditioning system can’t always keep up with the heat and cold. And when the AC does keep up, the associated energy costs can become prohibitive. But, there is good news for tiny homeowners facing the Arizona temperature extremes: adding passive solar design elements to a tiny house is simple, affordable, and effective.

Passive Solar Design

Passive solar design is a way of using the sun to your advantage to minimize the amount of artificial heating or cooling in your home. In a hot, dry climate, the passive solar design priority is deflecting the most intense solar radiation from indoor spaces, thereby keeping the temperature low and removing the need to cool the structure artificially. Retractable awnings and solar screens are the best way to add these elements to a tiny home; adding a timer to the system allows homeowners to reap the passive solar benefits even while away from home.

Shade & Comfort

Reducing tiny homeowners’ cooling bills is just one possible benefit. Awnings and screens can make a tiny home and the surrounding space more comfortable. New possibilities for gardening or landscaping may open up. Suddenly a deck or a patio seems like a realistic idea. Plus, shading helps protect paints from fading, wood and plastic cracking, and so on. This is not an insignificant benefit in an era when weather conditions are becoming increasingly severe and maintenance costs are constantly rising.

Tiny Home Comforts with Superior Sun Solutions

However, tiny homeowners considering such improvements should avoid substandard materials and the fly-by-night contractors selling them. That’s where Superior Sun Solutions come into the picture. We’ve been around for over three decades, and unlike other companies, we are fully prepared to offer estimates and solutions of any size, from campers to mansions.

We pride ourselves on custom-building reliable awnings, screens, and motors that can withstand Arizona’s extreme heat and severe weather. If you’re a tiny homeowner in Northern Arizona and need professional help with your tiny home improvement project, contact us for a free estimate. We will provide you with top-notch service, free estimates, and products built for durability.


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