What is Sun Bleaching?

what is sun bleaching?

We’ve seen it all before. The faded colors, the worn-out surfaces, and the dull finishes. When something sits outside for too long and is exposed to the sun’s powerful and oftentimes damaging rays, it goes through a phenomenon called sun bleaching. For many homeowners, car owners, and landscape architects in Arizona, it’s more than a simple annoyance.

What exactly is sun bleaching?

At its most basic form, sun bleaching occurs when an object is exposed to the sun for a long time, and its colors begin to fade or thin out. Take that green plastic water hose housing that bakes all day in the backyard. Over time, that deep green color that existed when you purchased it will start to fade and become more light green, especially where the sun’s rays are most focused. Worse off, what about that brand-new patio furniture? Almost everything will succumb to sun bleaching given enough time and enough direct sunlight.

How does sun bleaching occur?

On a more scientific level, the natural phenomenon of sun bleaching causes the degrading of organic dyes that give the object its color when sunlight touches it. Degradation occurs because of a chemical reaction that involves photooxidation. The UV rays of the sun can be very damaging and will effectively create a chemical change in the artificial or natural dyes of an object, like anything the sun may hit directly on your patio.

What other damage can sun bleaching cause?

Energy from the sun is composed of three different spectral elements:

  1. Ultraviolet radiation
  2. Visible radiation
  3. Near-infrared radiation

Long exposure to solar radiation should be avoided when it comes to outdoor and indoor furnishings, artwork, and décor. While the irreversible process of sun bleaching can cause colors to fade or appear to change, the long exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and radiation can also make objects vulnerable to weakening, drying out, or thinning. Most homeowners are generally informed about sun bleaching or, at the very least, take measures to help avoid it.

What can Superior Sun do to stop the damage from sun bleaching?

Superior Sun offers a number of solutions to help guard against the damaging effects of sun bleaching. Our product lines include energy-efficient solar screens, motorized retractable awnings, and rolling security shutters in Phoenix. Additionally, these products are customizable to fit the needs of every homeowner. Superior Sun provides solutions that are resistant to extreme weather and penetrating sunlight, as well as energy-efficient.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

Any home can quickly and efficiently be upgraded to face the extreme heat of the summer and potential sun bleaching with a retractable awning.

Retractable Solar Screens

To guard against sun bleaching and harmful UV rays, solar screens can be applied for both indoor and outdoor use and can block ninety percent of UV rays.

Motorized Rolling Security Shutters

Not only can you protect those objects facing direct sunlight, but you can also ensure your home is more secure with motorized rolling shutters. They reduce heating and cooling bills by up to sixty percent and offer exceptional privacy, security, and energy efficiency.

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