What is the Difference Between an Awning and a Canopy?

striped red awning above pool

The primary differences between a residential awning and canopy include:

  • Where to put them
  • How they are assembled
  • The benefits
  • Why they are used

Difference 1: Where to Put Them

An awning attaches directly to a building. This offers both a decorative addition as well as a cover for those walking past, into, or out of the building. The location of an awning on a building also provides a sturdy base that will withstand weather patterns.

Canopies, on the other hand, exist as free-standing shade, detached from any grounding buildings. Usually, open on four or more sides and held up on poles, canopies make for poor permanent structures and serve better as temporary enclosures.

Difference 2: How They Are Assembled

Because awnings attach to buildings, they need only be installed once. Awnings have all the strength of a permanent structure without needing permanent installation.

To enjoy a canopy, a buyer must frequently assemble it every time they intend to use it. Once finished with the canopy, they must unassemble it and find a place to store the fabric, frame, and any other covers along with it. Compare this to other motorized awnings that come with remote controls, which can be put away with the press of a button.

Difference 3: Benefits

An awning is more weather resistant and durable. Awnings can also prevent sun-related fading and discoloration of interior elements. In contrast, canopies offer portability and use further away from a home or building.

Awnings also have the benefit of affecting internal temperatures. During a sunny day, an awning shields windows, doors, and walls away from the hot rays of the sun. On cloudy days, the awning can be retracted to allow more sunlight into the interior. This feature also provides energy savings for cooling and heating.

Difference 4: Why They Are Used

Canopies are not permanent. This makes them ideal for traveling, vending at events, and outdoor parties away from home.

Awnings create permanent extra outdoor space for homes and buildings. They also help provide the added benefit of making an aesthetic change to the home’s exterior look. If you’re still mulling over the difference, then stop waiting and ask your questions! Superior Sun Solutions can act as your buying guide on any key difference between a canopy and an awning.

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