7 Shade Ideas for Your Dog – Shady Comfort for our Little Friends

woman hold her dog

Arizona in the summer can get hot! From May through September, certain areas regularly top 100 degrees. Humans aren’t the only ones who need shade. Pet shade is also vital for animals. Dogs can’t distribute heat away from their bodies as efficiently as humans because they sweat very little. They do sweat a little in … Read more

What Is Sun Bleaching? Your Comprehensive Guide

Sun Bleaching outdoor furniture

Imagine leaving your favorite chair outside all summer in Arizona. When you finally sit in it again, you notice it’s not as bright and new-looking as before. That’s sun bleaching – when the sun fades and wears things out. In Arizona, this isn’t just a minor issue; it affects everything from our homes and cars … Read more

Solar Screens Vs. Window Tint – Which Is Better?


Selecting the ideal method to enhance home windows often leads to a debate between solar screens and window tint. Having experienced both, I’ve gained a unique perspective on the strengths and shortcomings of each option. The decision hinges on a range of factors including aesthetics, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. This discussion aims to shed light … Read more

Types of Patio Covers: Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Type of Patio Covers

Creating a comfortable and visually appealing outdoor space is essential for those who love to enjoy their time outside. Patio covers offer a versatile solution to enhance your outdoor living experience by providing shade and protection from the elements, all without the commitment to permanent, enclosed structures. Whether you are seeking to add value to … Read more