8 Types of Patio Covers

tan awning above backyard patio

Patio covers are a great way to shade without committing to a permanent structure such as an enclosed porch. Many types of patio covers exist, so pick a design and color that you will enjoy and that will complement your home.

    1. Pergolas
      Pergolas are standing structures with posts for support and a ceiling composed of beams. They are constructed of wood, usually cedar, or other materials. The ceiling can be curved, flat, or designed in a lattice style. The sides are open, and the top can be covered with either a permanent or removable covering.
    2. Solid Covers
      Solid covers can be used for what is usually called a covered porch. This is a solid structure with a roof and open sides that are often made of metal with metal supports. Fans can also be hung from the roof.
    3. Retractable Awnings
      Awnings can either have fixed frames or lateral arms for support. The frames are made of lightweight metal and are attached to the house. Retractable awnings can be pulled in either manually or by a motorized device powered by a button or signal.
    4. Basic Canopies
      Canopies are similar to awnings. Both have permanently attached frames and their fabric is removable and interchangeable. This allows for versatility in fabric designs and choices.
    5. Retractable Screens
      Retractable screens are usually used with an existing patio cover. They attach to the top of the patio cover and hang down. They are very versatile because they have sections that can be lowered and raised independently of each other. The light can be filtered by varying degrees of visibility depending on the fabric.
    6. Retractable Canopies
      Retractable canopies are structures built over the patio and attached to the house. Tracks are used for opening and closing the fabric. Many canopies can be used within a single structure and can move independently of each other.
    7. Portable Shade Canopies
      These types of canopies are quick and easy to set up. The portability is useful because they can be moved to wherever shade is needed. They are lightweight in structure and resemble a tent with four posts.
    8. Umbrellas
      Umbrellas may be a good option when using several that are standalone and portable. They can be grouped together to provide the most shade. They can even have their own lighting systems.

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